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is a software development company

ScuTech is a software development company founded in 2019 providing IT outsourcing services worldwide. We are located in  Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Our company is specialized in software, apps, website development using such technologies as NET, Java, PHP, C++ etc.   Many successful projects for dozens of clients all over the world  done by experienced specialists working in ScuTech today are our proud and our advantages. Our company creates and develops software solutions for any task. Customers don't need their own staff of developers, it is possible not to understand the architecture and not to control every step. Stay focused on your business!



We examine with detail the elements and structure of your company



After all the preparation steps the hard work begins.



Our developers take charge of translating the design into interactive digits



This is the final step before advertising. The project’s functionality is thoroughly tested.

Our team have provided services for companies from different countries and industries for time of our work. We create efficient and high-quality solutions for each customer because we start every project with a dip in his field and a full review of all the details. We sharpened our skills working with various industries including Travel, Medical and Healthcare, Real Estate, E-Learning&Education, Banking&Insurance Sector, Automotive Software.

We are ready to go further, helping your business to become more efficient. Creating high quality solutions on time and within budget, we have won excellent reputation among our clients.

  • Our Address Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Phone number +1 (919) 561-6154‬
  • Email Address info@scu-tech.com

We would love to hear more about your project. Contact us to set up a call or learn more about how ScuTech can help your business develop.